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In-Demand Jobs In Ohio

Defining and identifying Ohio’s in-demand jobs serves as a strong foundation for transforming Ohio’s workforce development system. By understanding Ohio businesses’ most urgent job needs, we can address workforce gaps by:

  • Aligning Ohio’s education and training programs with the needs of business;
  • Guiding job seekers and students to careers that are likely to result in a job and provide a family sustaining wage; and
  • Creating industry-led collaboration with local and state workforce partners to identify the gaps in the system and work together to address any shortfalls.

Whether you’re searching for a good job, looking for top talent, or shaping Ohio’s future curriculum, Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs List provides you with valuable insights to guide you through these decisions.

What are Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs?

In-demand jobs strengthen Ohio’s current and future strategic economic advantage and empower people with 21st century skills. These jobs have a sustainable wage and a promising future based on the projected number of openings and growth. The following criteria was used to define an “in-demand job” in Ohio:

  • 80% of state median wage, $14.10 per hour, or more;
  • Annual growth in the number of jobs higher than the statewide average of 36; or
  • Annual job openings greater than 584.

In addition to these state labor statistics and projections, electronic job posting trend data and business responses to Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Survey are components in defining in-demand jobs.

What is Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs List?

Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs List is a customizable, online tool to help guide Ohioans on career pathways that meet their individual needs and goals and allow them to take advantage of employment opportunities available in our state.

The Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation in partnership with the InnovateOhio Platform’s Data Analytics team created a new, user-friendly dashboard that allows Ohioans to view and sort in-demand jobs by customizing to their region and/or industry.

These easy to use reports allow job seekers, educators, businesses, and community leaders to make more informed decisions to solidify their short-and long-term success.